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How to get a driver’s licence back after it has been suspended in Ontario.

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  1. Types of suspensions
  2. What you need to reinstate
  3. How to get a new licence
  4. If you’ve been charged with dangerous driving
  5. Reinstate a suspended driver’s licence: outside Ontario

Types of suspensions

You can lose your driver’s licence for many reasons — but every suspension is considered serious.

Your licence could be suspended:

A court will order a suspension if you are convicted of violating certain driving-related laws.

Your driver’s licence could be suspended if you:

You will have to surrender your licence.

More on losing your licence: Ontario Driver’s Handbook

What you need to reinstate

Before you can get a new licence, you will need to:

Step 1:  pay any outstanding fines.

Step 2: complete any court processes/court-ordered programs needed to clear the suspension.

Step 3: gather any documents that state that the suspension has been lifted (e.g., a Notice of Suspension letter, a medical letter, an affidavit).

Once a suspension is lifted, you can renew your driver’s licence.

How to get a new licence

To get a new driver’s licence, visit:

Bring original identification that verifies your legal name, date of birth and your signature.


$281 reinstatement fee (does not apply if your licence was suspended for a medical reason)

Plus applicable fees for the written test and road tests, if you need to take them.


If your full class licence has been suspended for more than one year, you need to take certain tests.

1-3 years suspended: you need to take an eye test.

3-10 years suspended: you need to take:

10+ years suspended: you need to re-apply as a new driver and re-take all required tests. You cannot fast-track and need to serve all mandatory waiting periods.

If you’ve been charged with dangerous driving

If you have been charged with dangerous driving, you need to:

Driver improvement interview

To schedule a driver improvement interview, call the Ministry of Transportation’s scheduling office at 1-800-396-4233 or 416-235-3579. You can schedule the interview while you are serving your suspension term for the dangerous driving conviction.

You will remain suspended if you do not attend a driver improvement interview.


The re-examination takes place at a DriveTest Centre. This three-part test includes:

Novice drivers

If you were a novice driver (G1 or G2 class) and your license was invalid for more than three years, you are required to serve the mandatory waiting periods under the graduated licensing system.

Fully licensed drivers

If you were a fully licensed driver, you may have to complete the graduated licencing system depending on how long your licence was invalid:

Applicable fees

You can pay your $281 reinstatement fee online or in person at a ServiceOntario centre.

You are required to pay all re-examination fees at the DriveTest Centre.

Reinstate a suspended driver’s licence: outside Ontario

If you are outside Ontario, you can submit your reinstatement fee payment by sending a signed letter indicating:

The fee of $281, in the form of a cheque or money order, must be included and made payable to the "Minister of Finance/MTO" and drawn on a Canadian bank account.

If you wish to use Visa or Mastercard, we require a signed and dated letter of authorization that includes the following information:

Send the letter and payment to:

Ministry of Transportation

Licensing Administration and Support Office

Special Enquiry Unit

87 Sir William Hearst Avenue

Room 178

Toronto, Ontario

M3M 0B4

Fax: 416-235-4414

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